Stil leven – Still Life

Six Rotterdam photographers portray the city during the corona pandemic

“No one got on board. The conductor sounded the bell before the tram took off again. The empty tram slid along the rails on its circuit through the stagnant city.”

— Wilfried de Jong

The national measures taken in the Netherlands against COVID-19 had enormous consequences for daily life. During the first lockdown of 2020, six talented young photographers in Rotterdam set to work, each highlighting a different aspect of a city that appeared to have come to a standstill.

This photography book, with pictures by Khalid Amakran, Loes van Duijvendijk, Willem de Kam, Geisje van der Linden, Marwan Magroun and Naomi Modde and with a text by Wilfried de Jong, is a record of the pandemic’s impact on a particular city, but one that strikes a universal chord.

*text from the description of the book
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